Monday, November 1, 2010

Taking Onllne Classes

I really enjoy taking online classes. I have a 3 year old daughter and a full time job, so knowing that I can complete all of my schoolwork on my own time is a huge relief. I particularly enjoy the flex seminars, because they give you the option of what day and time of day best suits you to attend.
Although doing all of my course work online is nice for adaptimg to my schedule, I learned the hard way starting off this term, that if you procrastinate and let yourself fall behind just a little, it can be damaging to your grade. I had a really rough couple of weeks, starting a new term, starting a new job, and being evicted from my house, on top of my regular duties as a mother and a member of a family. My first 2 weeks of this term I let some things slide because my concentration was lost in everything else that was going on. That said, to be an online student, you have to have a serious sense of self motivation as well as good time management skills.

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  1. Wow Jessie...sounds like you have had a lot on your plate! Ya know? Any time I tell someone that I'm taking classes online, the response I get is, "Oh. Just online?" It really irritates me because everybody thinks online classes are a piece of cake when that is not at all the case! It DOES take self motivation and good time management...along with self discipline. It's not easy! I wish you luck...your daughter is a little cutie by the way! ~Candi